Congress Has Passed 13 Laws This Year—None of Them Have to Do With Jobs - National Journal

Robert Reich knows one reason we can't seem to get anything done on jobs; it is because the tea party doesn't want the government to do anything. They have accomplished their goal of minimizing the role of the federal government by essentially shutting down the House (at the middle class's expense).


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What Unions Do

Respect on the job? Check.
Training opportunities?
A voice at work? Check.

Unions are about a simple proposition: By joining together, working women and men gain strength in numbers so they can have a voice at work about what they care about. They negotiate a contract with their employer for things like a fair and safe workplace, better wages, a secure retirement and family-friendly policies such as paid sick leave and scheduling hours. They have a voice in how their jobs get done, creating a more stable, productive workforce that provides better services and products. Always adapting to the challenges of our nation’s evolving workforce, unions are meeting the needs of workers in today’s flexible and nontraditional work environments. Because no matter what type of job workers are in, by building power in unions, they can speak out for fairness for all working people in their communities and create better standards and a strong middle class across the country

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Working America is the nation’s fastest growing organization for working families. Over 3 million members fight for good jobs and a just economy. Join the movement now:
Together, and in solidarity with working people across the country, we fight for our common interests—good jobs, affordable health care, education, retirement security, corporate accountability and real democracy. We want to ensure our kids have a quality education, our grandparents don’t have to decide between paying for their monthly medication or paying for food and that we will have a secure retirement when our working days have ended.

Since 2003, we’ve been organizing in neighborhoods across the country. We talk with our friends and neighbors to learn their needs and priorities and get them engaged on the issues that matter most. And we provide tools, research, information and assistance that can help make working people’s lives better.

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